Becoming the Boss: A Guide for New Managers

Learn how to build strong connections right from the start, understand the key differences in your new role, and manage effectively from day one.


Transitioning from an individual performer to a leader can be a daunting shift, filled with new responsibilities and unexpected challenges. It's not just about mastering new skills, but also about changing your mindset from doing to leading. In this micro course, you will receive practical coaching that guides you through each step of this transition. Our focus is on providing you with actionable strategies and personalized advice to help you excel in your new role as a leader, ensuring you can effectively motivate your team and drive results.

Our Why

Most new managers step into their roles without the necessary coaching and support, making their transition challenging and often overwhelming. We are offering this micro course as a vital springboard to help your leaders understand the full scope of what being leading a team entails. 

The Commitment

This micro course is designed to be concise and flexible, allowing your leaders to engage with the content at their own pace and at times and places that suit them best. The commitment is minimal with no homework, ensuring they can focus on applying what they learn directly to their work.

The Cost and Suitability

This micro course is offered free of charge, making it an accessible and valuable resource for all your new managers.

This is ideal for those stepping into managerial roles, providing them with essential insights without financial constraints.

The Experience

The entire course is online, offering a compact, focused amount of coaching that your leaders can access remotely. Whether they are at home, in the office, or on the move, this flexibility ensures that they can engage with the material in a way that best fits their lifestyle and responsibilities.

The Learning Path

Participants will begin with the fundamentals of leadership, setting a strong foundation. They will then explore common challenges new managers face, offering them a realistic view of what to expect and how to handle various situations effectively.

Participant Outcomes

  • A clearer understanding of what it means to step into a managerial role.
  • Enhanced skills and strategies to lead teams effectively.
  • Knowledge of the initial steps to take as a new manager.
  • Practical tips on thriving and succeeding in their new leadership position.
We provide leaders with a lifelong, transformative experience that goes beyond traditional leadership development
Shelisa Bainbridge
CEO and Managing Partner

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