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Join this webinar to discover a transformative reframing technique that has revolutionized employee effectiveness, job satisfaction, and team performance for my clients. This approach creates high-performing teams, whether implemented across an entire organization or within a single team, yielding significant results for leaders and their teams.

In this session, I will publicly reveal four secrets that have empowered companies like yours to successfully adopt this reframing strategy. We'll begin by examining three common indicators that I encounter in the vast majority of businesses. These indicators act as symptoms of a prevalent issue, and with repeated diagnosis, it becomes clear they all point to the same underlying condition.

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Shelisa Bainbridge

Shelisa Bainbridge

Managing Partner and CEO
Board Certified Executive Coach
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Shelisa Bainbridge

Shelisa Bainbridge is a board-certified executive coach with over 25 years of experience in corporate leadership. As the head of the Catapult Leadership Accelerator, she has worked with some of Canada's most notable brands, transforming leadership teams and driving organizational success.

Through ShelisaB Inc. and Catapult Programs, Shelisa empowers change-makers and visionaries to drive innovation, collaboration, and creativity within organizations. She offers a range of services for both organizations and individuals. Catapult primarily operates as an extension to her clients' internal learning and development groups, providing custom coaching, training and mentorship for leaders. Her flagship program, The Catapult Leadership Accelerator, is an online program and community that brings her insights and mentorship directly to managers and directors, at scale.

In addition to her corporate leadership expertise, Shelisa is an Executive Agile Coach, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and a master of Human-Centered Design.

Shelisa is also a devoted mother to two boys and a loving partner to her husband of 20 years.

Our clients love us

Shelisa gave me the confidence I needed to lean into my potential. Her leadership tools are tactical, targeted, and helped me overcome the obstacles that made me feel stuck in my career. I highly recommend her private coaching and Catapult course to anyone who wants to jump-start their career in the right direction.
founder, marketing and branding
I truly miss talking with you and you are the best!! You are a true mentor, and you've helped me so much throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I cannot thank you enough. Always, yes thank you forever. You always deserve more than 5 stars!! You are worthy of 5 times the amount of stars, even more than that!
founder, social enterprise
Shelisa has been helping my business and career thorough her coaching. Her direct and pointed consultation has opened my eyes to things I wasn’t recognizing in myself, my career or business in the past. I have enjoyed working with Shelisa and can confidently say that here coaching has improved my bottom line.
Senior manager, sales
With the demands of my business becoming more and more complex and challenging, I really appreciated the strategic and plan based approach that Shelisa was able to impart on me during our time working together. Her practical and constructive techniques not only cut through a lot of the day-to-day frustrations I was experiencing but it also set me up to focus on the more important leadership aspects of my career. Her positive and informal coaching style also resonated strongly with me and I would recommend her very highly. Thank you Shelisa!
Director, Global Automotive
Shelisa designed and facilitated a workshop for our clients who were early adopters of a new SaaS offering that our firm has developed called ETAS (Enterprise Technology Administration Service). The outcome of the workshop was to assist our team with the development of ETAS service offering roadmap. The participation from our clients was amazing and the information that we gathered from the session enabled us to develop and assign priority for future enhancements and modules. Our ETAS roadmap has only had minor modifications which we attribute 100% to Shelisa and her expertise in leading the group to identify common pain points and client needs. I hope to work again with Shelisa in the future and would highly recommend her to others. Shelisa is a professional and highly skilled at what she does.
President, it consulting firm
Shelisa went above and beyond in our engagement. As a coach, mentor, and leader of this business, she consistently delivers exceptional value. The results have exceeded my expectations, and we are excited to work with her again for our upcoming coaching sessions. Her expertise and dedication ensure you always get much more than you pay for.

AVP, Financial services
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