Purpose-Driven Leadership

Empowering Teams to Create Lasting Impact.


In this preparatory course, we’ll dive into what it means to lead with purpose and how you can use this approach to create meaningful impact within your teams and organization. You’ll learn practical strategies for defining and articulating your team’s purpose, using it to prioritize your work, and embedding it into your culture.

Our Why

We believe that a clear sense of purpose is the foundation of effective leadership. This program is designed for leaders who understand the power of purpose in driving meaningful change. It's more than a a prep course—it's a journey towards purposeful, impactful leadership.

The Commitment

Prepare to immerse yourself in understanding the core concepts of purpose-driven leadership through engaging, interactive activities. This information is designed to prep you for team-based co-creation and meaningful conversations, ensuring that you can effectively translate these insights into your everyday leadership practices.

The Cost and Suitability

This prep course is complimentary for those pursuing a workshop based on this program.

This program is customized and suitable for a range of leadership levels.

The Experience

This material is accessible online, allowing you to engage with it whenever and wherever it suits you best. It offers the flexibility to fit into your busy schedule, providing an easy and convenient way to prepare for the broader conversations and deeper learning that lie ahead.

The Learning Path

The learning path is simple and linear, starting with an introduction to the concept of purpose and then moving on to practical applications. This ensures a clear and straightforward journey to integrating purpose into your leadership.

Participant Outcomes

Expect to see improved team alignment, enhanced communication, and a stronger connection to your organization's purpose. By the end of this program, you'll lead with clarity and inspire your team to achieve remarkable results.

We provide leaders with a lifelong, transformative experience that goes beyond traditional leadership development
Shelisa Bainbridge
CEO and Managing Partner

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